Things To Do On A Holiday To Victoria

Victoria is a beautiful region in Australia that is culturally diverse and has so much to offer no matter what you are looking for. Positioned away from the city limits of Melbourne, Victoria has a staggering collection of proud history, amazing wilderness and fantastic culinary adventures that will thrill you and your family or friends. It is one of the most visited suburbs in Australia and with very good reason. The wide plethora of activities that you can enjoy here and all the different things that you can try out has definitely made this city into one of the traveler’s hotspots in the country. Here are some of the things that you must not miss out on doing if you were to travel to Victoria this coming summer holiday.

Visit the Twelve Apostles

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is perhaps one of the most iconic and memorable sights that many visitors to Victoria will enjoy. The Twelve Apostles at the end of the Great Ocean Road provide that perfect end to the scenic journey. The Twelve Apostles is the name given to rocky projections that jut out of the ocean in a rather mysterious fashion looking almost like they were abandoned out there by the rest of the headland in a hurry. Today, only seven of the twelve apostles can be viewed and you can view them from one of the many wooden boardwalks perched atop the cliffs that offer sweeping vistas below. Try and visit the sights around sunset to treat yourself to crimson drenched scenery that will blow your mind while also allowing you to watch some of those cute little penguins returning ashore after about twenty to forty minutes after the sunset. You will need to get some binoculars for this and the Port Campbell Visitor Centre will be able to provide you with these.

Eat, Drink And Shop

One of the things that you simply cannot miss out on is all that culinary goodness that is almost in every nook and cranny of the city. Choose from a range of epping plaza restaurants where you will be able to dig into succulent dishes that are not just tasty but also served with delightful presentations that will simply tantalize your taste buds even more. Afterwards, you and your travel companions can enjoy a shopping spree where you can buy anything from souvenirs to clothes to pretty much anything else that you would want to get during a holiday.

Check Out The Penguin Parade

Attracting over half a million visitors each year, the Penguin Parade is all about the tiny little penguins – Eudeyptula minor – probably the smallest and most heart-meltingly cute of the penguin family. The main amphitheatres can accommodate more than 3800 visitors who can sit and enjoy the joyful view of these little creatures as they come out of the waters and waddle onwards towards the shore after the sunset. You will need to book this well in advance though because it is almost always packed to the brim during the summer.