A To-Do List before Heading out on a Road Trip

Every day, we face various struggles in life which leave us stressed, fatigued and downright tired. And most of the times, especially for most of us who provide for our families, these are parts of our lives are the ones which we cannot escape, with only a few days’ worth of rest and relaxation allowed for us.

For people who are into traveling, one way to relieve the stress is to head on a road trip. Going to new places where you can relax and breathe away all the fatigue is a much needed break for some. However, primarily from lack of proper preparation, even the supposedly relaxing road trip becomes a stressful event. How do we avoid these kinds of events from happening? Here are some of the tried and tested tips on what to do before embarking on the road trip to break your daily routine:

The Company

On a road trip, there are three important aspects to consider. The first of which is the people who you’re going to spend the road trip with. Some people prefer to be alone. But for road trips that span for two to three days, you might want to consider having other people join you. Aside from having someone to spend the time with and someone to talk to during the long drive, you can also have other people to share with the driving time. Being on the wheel for days can be really exhausting and taking turns with people you enjoy being with is a great option.

The Travel plan

Now that you have someone to join you in the trip, that is if you want to, then the next step is to plan your travel programme. Where would you like to go? How long would it take to get there? If you are planning to spend days on the trip, what are the possible hotels where you can stay during the nights within the trip? You can plan on the number of driving hours you can spend in a day and add some time for your sight-seeing or other activities. Leaving some time for free is a good move, too. This is in case you decide on something spontaneous during the trip which you would like to squeeze in your planned timetable. This way, your itinerary is flexible and you can be organized and spontaneous at the same time.

The Car

Finally, and for some this is considered the most important aspect of a road trip as well, the check-up of your car. How are you going to be sure that your car does not bail out on you in the middle of the trip? Car trouble during a long trip can be quite stressful, and that is not something you would like to experience if your goal is to relieve yourself from the stress of your daily routine. Check on your tires’ air pressure levels and if they are generally in good condition and leave some space for a spare tire just in case. It is also good to do a run-through on your fluid levels and packing some spare fluids can be a big help too, especially for road trips in remote areas where gas stations and auto shops are rare. To be very, very prepared, you may also want to bring some spare parts with you, particularly if you have some experience of parts replacement in the past. Considering the brand of your vehicle would help. For example, if your car is manufactured by Toyota, having Toyota parts available on hand is a good idea.

Going on a road trip is exciting and fun. However, safety is also to be considered and therefore, it is a must to have your first-aid kit ready, a list of phone numbers in case of emergency and your toolbox should be properly equipped in case of sudden car breakdowns. Your road trip should be a memorable experience and thus, correct preparation and cautiousness is a big necessity.