How to Prep Your Vehicle for Summer?

Do you find yourself dealing with common car problems during the summertime? Well, this may be because you haven’t properly prepared your vehicle for this time of year. Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to make any drastic changes. However, making a few adjustments here and there can greatly improve your driving experience once the temperatures begin to rise. So, without further ado, here are the ways to get your vehicle ready to deal with the summer:

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Make Sure the Air Conditioning is Working Properly

The last thing that you need is for your car AC to give out just when you need it the most. To avoid this, you consider car air conditioning service & repairs in Canberra before the season sets in. This is particularly important if you haven’t been using the system much for the last few months. Once you have made sure that all of the issues are sorted out, you will be able to stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

Check the Cooling System

Your car needs to be able to cool down just as much as you do, perhaps even more. This is why it is imperative that you make sure the cooling system is in good condition. First, you should check the belts and the hoses as they play a major role. The hoses should be connected tightly and should be changed if they are broken or clogged up. The belt should be in top form as well and if there is any wear and tear or shiny spots, you are going to have to replace the belt.

It is probably wise for you to carry an additional bottle of coolant with you, while you are driving around. This is something that you should do unless you have just changed the coolant. If you will be changing the coolant yourself, make sure to dilute it first unless it has already been pre-mixed.

Keep An Eye on the Air Filters

Typically, you will only need to change your air filters every six months. However, in the summer, you may have to do it a bit sooner. This is because you often have to contend with a lot more dust and dirt which can cause the air filter to get clogged up. When this happens, you may begin to experience a decrease in fuel efficiency so it is often better to clean it or change it when necessary.

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Use Season-Appropriate Tyres

Now, this is not something that you have to do but many experts and manufacturers advise that you should. See, summer tyres are specifically made for the hotter roads. They contain harder rubber components which are more likely to withstand the heat. As a result, you will find that the drive is much smoother. Many drivers have also found that they allow you to brake, accelerate, and even take corners better as well. Even if you decide not to change the tyres, you should still keep a close eye on the pressure. It tends to change for every 10-degree increase in the surrounding temperature.

Now you know everything that you have to do if you want your vehicle to be in top driving condition when summer rolls around.