Tips To Follow When Leaving the Country

Getting ready to leave the country? Make sure you cover these pointers as soon as possible.

Come Up With a List

Although you might already know, moving anywhere can take a huge toll on you. There is a high chance that your mind would be scattered all over things. The most practical thing to do in such a situation is coming up with a checklist. Make sure that you include a list of things that you need to get done and make sure this list can be uploaded almost everywhere. This way you can do the shopping and take care of things whenever you get to go out. You can go ahead and download a to-do app on your phone, your iPad or even a simple notepad which you carry with at all times. A plain file on the Dropbox will be a great idea as well. Make sure you write the items down whenever they come to your mind.

What About Your House

If you have a house of your own in Australia, you might have to take care of it when you are leaving the country. It is true that many of us tend to simply put the house on the market at least 6 months before your departure to get rid of all the responsibilities of maintaining a house long distance. Plus, if you’re giving it on rental, you cannot exactly take care of the house and manage the tenants from overseas. However, you can try options like Airbnb property management where they transform your home into a luxurious Airbnb accommodation option. This is a great investment of your home.

Take Care of the Paperwork

There can be more paperwork when you are moving countries than you might imagine. Start by letting everyone important know that you are leaving the country. The list of recipients should include your banks, any funds that you make payments for, any insurance providers, any tax offices or even accountants. You can go ahead and compose an email that is applicable to all these parties. You can even mention another PO address to redirect any mail and packages. If you are going to vote from overseas, you can get registered as an elector that votes from overseas. There are separate forms you get to fill in depending on where you are moving into. You can even go ahead and get registered as a postal voter. However, you might need a permanent address in the new country.

Get Yourself Travel Insurance

Like most of us know, if you are not able to afford travel insurance, you are not supposed to travel anywhere. However, in certain cases, you might have to get travel insurance in order to get the visa approved for the new country. Take your time and shop for the ideal policy. There can be many an exclusion in its fine print, make sure you do not get surprised later.

Get Yourself a Medical Check-up

Unfortunately, your travel insurance will not allow non-urgent appointments. You can go ahead and schedule a medical appointment before you leave the country to make sure there are no complications in the physical status of your body.