Unique Sights You Must Visit In Victoria and Corio Bay

The state of Victoria in Australia is located about 45 minutes away from the city of Melbourne. Strewn with attractions that are as unique as its surroundings in this rather quaint area, the state of Victoria will take much time to explore in full. However, if you are planning on spending part of your holiday here, there are some unique sights around the Corio Bay area in Victoria that you and your loved ones must simply not miss out on.

The Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

The original inhabitants of the area are known as the Wathaurong people and the modern day Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre is the best place to gain some beautiful insight into the culture. There is a gallery that features the biggest collection of Aboriginal style art and didgeridoo performances that are once again unique to the people here. There is also a native garden that is home to many indigenous animals like the cute koala, the unique wallaby as well as the emu. If you want to see some indigenous artifacts this is probably the best place, not to mention the collection of souvenir gifts like indigenous books and music that you can purchase here. It is an experience that you and your family will absolutely love. The close proximity to all amenities means that you can step outside and try some amazing dishes that are particular to the area at a restaurant in Geelong.

The Powerhouse – City Precinct

Tucked away in a century-old wool storage facility are a selection of galleries and studios that are the Powerhouse of the area.  Set directly over the Brougham Street Markets, everything here is up for sale and comes from the three-hundred odd street artists who come from this area and sometimes from beyond the boundaries as well. There are many art shops here as well if you want to go and explore the fantastic creativity of the artists here.

The Bayside Bollards

If you want to see what the history of the area looks like when it is carved completely out of wood, visit the waterfront area and the precinct. They are decked out with local and historically-eminent figures, all carved out of wood. It is a well-known fact that the artist Jan Mitchell made an exhibition that is as long as the Promenade itself with meticulous attention to detail. The bollards are something that have now become synonymous with the area and the best part is that it really does not matter who you are. Be it young adults, children or adults, you will still have something amazing to enjoy here.

Leaving Queenscliffe Railway Station in Victoria (year unknown) A♥W

The Queenscliff Vintage Trains

There are both diesel as well as steam engines that operate on the Bellarine Railway Station in the Queenscliff area. On the majority of weekends there are many unique experiences that you can enjoy such as the Heritage Rides, the Blues Train and the Day Out with Thomas. There is definitely something here for everyone, not to mention that you can also try your hand at driving one of these amazing machines.