Photos to Inspire You to Visit Bogotá

Artisan bags in the market

Street vendor snacks

Bogota Neighborhoods

Feeding the Pigeons

Pigeons in Plaza Bolivar

Plaza Bolivar sign

Soup at La Puerta Falsa

Click Clack Hotel Lobby

Click Clack Hotel Bar

Ciengramos Restaurant

Streets of La Candelaria

Bogota Architecture

In line for the cable cars to Monserrate

Cable cars to Monserrate

Looking over Bogota

Mountain Monserrate

Night out in Chia at Andres Carne de Res

Colombian dancers

Bogotá was more of an experience than I ever imagined. The city is full of life and culture, brimming with people from all over the world— a metro population of nearly ten million people!

Steeped in a rich history, Bogotá is growing into a new travel hot-spot.

During my 48 hours in the city, I started with my must-see spots and tried to pack as much as possible into each day. I started with the iconic Gold Museum, the Artisan Markets and La Candelaria, a lively neighborhood full of  Spanish colonial, art deco, and Baroque architecture and tons of vendors.

Of course, I grabbed some traditional Colombian fare at La Puerta Falsa. I definitely recommend ajiaco— a savory and creamy soup with potato, avocado, capers, cream and corn on the cob!

From there, I wandered to Bolivar Square, one of Bogotá’s most iconic sites, and had a serious encounter with the pigeons, before heading back to the Click Clack Hotel for rooftop cocktails.

The highlight of my second day in Bogotá was getting to the top of Monserrate Mountain, and taking in a panoramic view of the city. A Colombian spiritual and cultural symbol, this must-see attraction is something you’ll want to spend the morning taking in.

I ended the trip with a night out in Chia at Andres Carne de Res— this place is hopping and it’s the top hot spot to mingle with the locals. The food is amazing, the music is loud and the decor is something to marvel at!