Love, Adventure, and Paradise

An increasingly popular honeymoon destination as of late is Africa. While many couples are celebrating their union by jetting across the world to clichéd romantic spots, the adventurous ones go on safari. You and your partner could enjoy your special time by going on any one of the many African safaris, or have a holiday geared exclusively to making your stay the most romantic time of your life.

Africa is known for its incredible wildlife and scenery, which is why it is a top choice holiday destination. But nowadays more and more couples are visiting the continent for a romantic getaway. There are plenty of options for honeymoon holidays too. You can have a luxury experience or rough it out, depending on what kind of an experience you want to have.

You could have a custom-made agenda so that you can see all the sights and enjoy the activities that you want. You could also find a good honeymoon package where you everything is handled for you. There are safaris where you can stay in a treehouse overlooking the African lands, and see the wildlife beneath you. Have a candlelit dinner for two or watch the sun set over the legendary African horizon.

You can spend your nights alone together, and in the daytime, enjoy a trek through the forest. A guide will accompany you and show you around. You could also hit the African beaches, depending on where you choose to go, and go snorkeling or fishing. There are plenty of activities for the adventurous and outdoor lovers, from kayaking, to bird watching.

If you like photography, there are special tours through which you get to enjoy your hobby as well as experience the sights and sounds of Africa. Or you could take a tour of a few weeks to enjoy the wildlife, visit Victoria Falls, or check out the beautiful beaches and the stellar safari excursions. You could also rent a houseboat, and spend a few nights together on the waters. If you like horse riding, whether you’re a novice or an expert, you can see the continent on horseback! Even if you’re more of the city type, you can have your stay in the beautiful African cities of Cape Town or Johannesburg. Stay in a hotel or rent your own villa.

The best time to go? Well, anytime really, but do try to avoid the rainy seasons. Either way, you can be sure you’ll have your every whim and fancy catered too if you go for any one of the luxury packages Africa has to offer. Visit this incredible continent and enjoy the culture, the people, the food, and the sights.If you want adventure in the sun and you want to share it with that special someone, you can have it all with a romantic getaway, your very own great escape.