How To Spend Less Money When Travelling To Australia

One of the things that few people realize is that Australia is much more expensive than anticipated. It is a really good idea to budget a minimum of $100 to $200 per day to deal with expenses associated with accommodation, activities and food. Besides this, you also have to deal with transportation costs.

Fortunately, there are always many different things that you can do in order to spend less money as you visit the country. However, most tourists simply visit through specific packages. In this case you do know how much you spend. If you want to travel alone and arrange your very own plan, things should be considered. You surely already know that you need to read reviews to identify problems like hotels that do not hire a plumber in Geelong or food that is not really included although promised. The problem normally appears when thinking about budgeting. Because of this, here is what you should consider.

Use The Services Of Budget Airlines

There are many you can consider instead of the common full service options. What you might not know is that one-way flights in the country are not going to be more expensive if compared with the return flights. This means you can so easily book a leg at one time. Arrange your trip on the go and always look for the best deals available.

Travel Overland

It is highly recommended to consider the Greyhound bus pass that allows you to hop on or off whenever you want. This is cheaper than individual tickets. If you are interested in traveling while on your very own time and you do not want to spend too much on car rentals, rent relocation campervans. This is great since you pay just $1 per day and gas.

Accommodation Can Be Expensive

Whenever traveling with your significant other or with friends, you want to consider Airbnb or similar options. Alternatively, consider B&Bs that are run by smaller families. These are the cheapest accommodation options in the country.

Cook Food Alone

So many wonderful restaurants exist in Australia but food is not that cheap. You should not eat out every single time you are hungry because you would end up paying a lot for it. Various local grocery chains exist like Woolworths or Coles. Buy some cheap food that you can cook alone or that you can eat directly as you travel from one place to the next. You should also be aware of the fact there are numerous BBQs available in Australian parks. Many Australians cook there and will have no problems to see you do exactly the same thing. Local experiences can even be more memorable if you choose this option.

Drink Less

Last but not least, it may be worth pre-drinking before going to bars or you may want to visit some restaurants that allow you to bring your very own alcohol. That is because Australia’s bars are quite expensive. When your budget is really tight, opt for boxed wine with a friend as this is cheap.